Tuesday, 30 July 2013

We Have Arrived!

It has been an amazing journey thus far that started back in February where Joel and I were first prompted by the Holy Spirit to contact Pastor Dan and Patty Schmelzer about helping them with their mission at Capstone Ministries in Kenya.  Through all the planning and preparation we have finally arrived!

We had an amazing send off last weekend at church with a beautiful service and so many in attendance!  It's all a bit overwhelming and humbling.  A big thanks to Pastor Walt, President Yeadon, the choirs, and the Board of Fellowship for such an awesome service.

We arrived in Nairobi at 9:10pm (Kenya time).  That's 2:10pm EST time. Patty kindly met us at the airport and our driver Francis gave us our first taste of the traffic in Nairobi.  God help us learn how to drive here!  Driving is just a totally different culture here and will be a great challenge due to the fact that it's left side of the road driving and you don't stop for red lights!  They are a suggestion here!  

Currently we are at the Heart, which is a hotel for missionaries traveling through the city.  It is stocked with bottled water!  We have to be sure to always use bottled water for drinking and even for brushing out teeth.  Otherwise, we can end up pretty ill.  

Today we will visit a baby elephant orphanage and visit one of Patty's friend's for lunch.  Then we will fly the rest of the way to Kisumu, which is about a 30 minute flight.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting this mission!  We are grateful for your prayers.